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About the Website
Welcome to the website of Chico State University SAP University Competence Center. The goal of this website is to provide the best service possible to those universities that are our customers. The primary role of the UCC is to provide SAP hosting services via the Internet and to offer support for those services. Some of the website features are available to the public, while most are reserved for our customers. Those customer specific sections of the website require a login using your user id (your email address) and a password. As we continue to grow this site, we are always looking for suggestions on how the site can be improved.

Typical System Request Periods:
Spring:      December 1st
Summer:   May 1st
Fall:         August 1st
Current News
* Now open for Spring 2017 client requests!

Please remember that your school is limited to 7 clients!
Check with your faculty coordinator prior to ordering your client.
SAP University Alliances Learning Room
UCC Contact Information
Executive DirectorTechnical Director
Tom Wilder Jim Connolly
(530) 898-5376 (530) 898-4834
Technical Manager
Gino Edinger
(530) 898-5580
Technical Support
Walter LouieJon Strait
(530) 898-5580(530) 898-5580
David LandaetaAugust Connolly
(530) 898-5580(530) 898-5580
Administrative Support
Liz Squire
(530) 898-3272
Mailing Address
Chico State University
College of Business
400 West 1st Street
Chico, CA 95929
Fax: (530) 898-5501
Website Features
This website offers a number of features for both brand new customers as well as long time customers. The following is a few brief descriptions of some of these features.
How to Login - To access the Customer specific menu, select the Faculty Login menu item and provide the requested information. For help on, Login click here.
How to Request a Client - The major function of the Customer menu is allow you to request clients for your courses. These menu items allow the definition of your courses, requesting clients for each offering of these courses, and then viewing the client details once they are available. For help on requesting clients, click here .
SAP GUI - The SAP GUI program is required on each personal computer that will be used to access the SAP software. The menu item is in the Customer menu and is entitled Download Files. This menu item will provide you with the ability to download and then install both the Windows and the Java (for Mac’s and UNIX) versions of SAP GUI.
Help Tickets - Our newest feature in the Customer menu is the ability to create a Help Ticket. This online request for Help includes client oriented events such as unlocking users, resetting passwords, asking for additional users, or extending the end date for a client. It also allows the user to enter specific questions or report problems. Once the issue is resolved, an email response will be sent.
Curriculum - The University Alliances has developed a lot of curriculum for use in the classroom. The best place to learn about and download this curriculum is the SAP UA Community. Selecting specific topic areas under the UA library menu will provide an overview of the available curriculum content. Once you register on the community website, you can download the curriculum and participate in their various forums. If you are brand new to SAP and looking for an introductory client, we might suggest looking at Fitter Snacker (our most popular), Global Bike (the new thing), or Fly-A-Kite.
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